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Myanmar is now practicing market oriented economy. Foreign Direct Investment in Myanmar is increasing now and a lot of investors are coming. The Investors who want to invest with their capitals and technology know how would like to secure their investments. For this requirements, there are a lot of Foreign Law Firms are stationing in Myanmar. But, some Investors would like to use local law firm as they are familiar with their local laws. Our Law Firm is Local Law Firm and our specialization is litigation, and we can also give corporate legal services to all investments.

The Disputes may be occurred not only local investors but also foreign investors. If any disputes occur, the best solutions are to settle peacefully. If not success amicably, the parties need to go Court Litigations. These kinds of litigations came from investments or Agreements or etc., for which our Law Firm is able to give the legal services for this kinds of disputes.When Investors are working their works, there will be appeared such kinds of Labor Disputes and Tax Disputes. Our Law Firm is well experience this kinds of disputes.

When the Investors invest the business, they needs to buy or lease such kinds of moveable properties such as Cars, Vehicles, and immoveable properties such as Land, Building, Factory, Condo, Apartment, Hotel or Complex, etc. To make sure of these transactions, all documents must be strong and valid in accordance with the laws. Drafting the Agreements, Pay the Stumps Duty and Registrations Process are mains processes. For these kinds of conveyance matters, our law firm is able to give legal services for the investors.

There are so many legal remedies if someone would like to get the judicial helps; such as suit for breach of contract, or suits for compensations or declaration of ownership for his properties or recovery of properties or to granting permitted injunctions or interim injunction or  administrations suits or partitions of the properties or liquidations, etc. Our litigation Department is ready to help for the legal remedies.

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